Men’s Ministry
MEN-TALITY – Men’s Ministry:

Men-Tality is a gathering of men of all walks of life, background, and cultures who come together in fellowship, connecting to access essential tools to enhance all aspects of their life journey.

Men-Tality was born out of a vision to reach men by creating an environment where these men will be engaged, encouraged, equipped, and empowered with the principles, attributes, and values of the kingdom of God.

Our mission is to challenge the man to live in a state of vitality, feeling healthy, capable, and energetic.

We desire to see men stand up and take their rightful place in family and society, pioneering change, positively influencing the community as leaders and becoming agents of national transformation.

Some of the primary vehicles of the Men-Tality Outreach is organizing gatherings throughout the year like conferences, breakfast meetings, healthy living events, business meetings, ETC.

These avenues facilitate and empower men as they face the demands associated with their roles and responsibilities in these present times.


Our vision is first to reach the man whomever he is and wherever he is, helping and strengthening him to live a balanced life, a life with Christ as its stabilizer.

We believe that a man that has been reached and significantly impacted can reach others positively.

And we plan to do this, One MIND at a time, One MAN at a time.

We understand through research and experience that a man that has fully developed, especially in his spirit and mind can grow every other aspect of his life, family and community.

Though the Men’s ministry is a future project,
We intend to work with the local council and other community initiatives in supporting men within the community who are struggling with family life, or who are struggling to handle themselves as men and maybe as fathers.

We aim to organise free events where leading men in society can come and teach our men about handling life, raising families, handling finances, and ultimately becoming positive influences in the community.

Dates for events will be confirmed and announced.