Women’s Ministry
WOMEN ON THE FRONTLINE – Women’s Ministry:

Our women’s ministry, Women on the frontline was established with the understanding that every woman is on the frontline of something.
In addition to the apostles, the human backbone of the Early Church consisted of marketplace leaders such as Lydia, a woman, a wealthy wholesaler of expensive fabric who had homes in Philippi and Thyatira. She was Christ’s first European convert.

Another of the first believers was Dorcas, also a woman and a designer and manufacturer of inner garments.
There are many people whose lives were instrumental in the setting up of the early church, but our mention of these women is to establish a consideration because of our context of women on the frontline.

Many people, in fact, many women do not see themselves as being on the frontline line because they are not preachers, not realising that some people’s influence and impact in society with the gospel has to manifest through their expansion in business, in their professional career or perhaps their ability to both organise and manage a home.
I think a lack of understanding of this fact is what has pushed many, not only women out of their designated areas of call in the society to find a place either on the pulpit or social media platforms attempting to do what they already are.

Being on YOUR frontline does not necessarily mean to be seen upfront.

As the Women’s ministry is still in its formative stage, we aim to organise free community events to support women in our community.
We aim to handle topics like domestic and all forms of abuse.
We intend to work with the locks council and other women’s community initiatives in providing this support.

Dates for events will be confirmed and announced.